The staff and customer service at Paveworks is top-notch! Dustin was very informative and made this the easiest process I’ve ever experienced. If you have ever thought about getting some paving, patching, or concrete work done, don’t hesitate to call these guys. Paveworks will take care of you and make sure the work is done right! They are beyond a 5-star company.


Services: Parking lot repair & maintenance, Asphalt paving & repair, Street maintenance, Sealcoating
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value . . . .


I could not be more happy with the service that I received from Paveworks!


We used Paveworks’ Mastic Product in the Village of Ostrander to address four primary issues as follows:

  • Areas where manhole frames and lids were above the pavement grade creating an issue for our snow plows hitting them. Done to save damage to our snow plows and the resulting down time for repairs.
  • Areas where pavement had settled around catch basin aprons preventing water from getting into the catch basins. Done to promote drainage and prevent further pavement damage from standing water.
  • Concrete catch basin aprons that were cracked but not displaced or settled. Done to seal them against water infiltration which would continue degradation of the aprons, particularly during the winter freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Pavement depressions which were not badly cracked or displaced. Done to prevent water infiltration and further cracking until the street was ready for a more comprehensive repair project.

I have attached a photo of each of these type repairs for your perusal. They are attached as a Google Drive Link, so if you can’t get them let me know and I’ll figure out another way.

Having spent my career in the paving business, I like this product because it fills certain needs at a much lower cost than conventional repair methods. As an example, a new catch basin apron can cost up to $2500. This product could defer that expense for many years. Filling depressions around catch basins ensures that water gets into the catch basin and prevents further settlement of pavement around it necessitating a conventional repair. Sealing cracked areas against further water infiltration could delay a pavement repair for many years.

I find the product to be extremely durable and anticipate it will more than meet our goals in using it. Paveworks’ crew is very attentive in their attention to detail and workmanship. I am happy to speak with you further about the product if and as you desire.


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