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In Worthington, OH, Paveworks is the number one trusted paving company because we are a proud National Asphalt Paving Association member that prioritizes industry best practices, draws from military discipline as a veteran-owned company, and is committed to integrity, trust, and professionalism. Our experienced paving contractors have worked with Ohio property owners to improve their properties with asphalt overlay, infrared asphalt patching, crack filling, crack sealing, and more.



Things To Do in Worthington OH

Things To Do

Worthington, located in Franklin County, Ohio, is a charming suburb at the northern edge of Columbus. The town derives its name from Thomas Worthington, who later served as Ohio’s governor.

The town’s origins trace back to 1802 when the Scioto Company, a group aiming to settle in Ohio, was established. They founded the town in 1803 under the leadership of James Kilbourne, who later represented Ohio in the United States House of Representatives. During the War of 1812, Worthington contributed militia forces.

Worthington offers numerous attractions, with the Orange Johnson House being a standout. This historic building, one of the oldest in the region, houses a collection of museum artifacts and offers a glimpse into the past. For family fun, the Worthington Community Center provides an indoor water park and various activities suitable for all ages.

If you’re in need of professional asphalt paving services, contact Paveworks. We offer free quotes, comprehensive site assessments, and detailed guidance throughout the paving process.

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