Parking Lot Repair

Paveworks, your go-to asphalt parking lot repair company in Ohio, stands ready to address any commercial pavement woes with precision and expertise. Whether you have potholes, deep cracks, uneven surfaces, or faded lines and markings, we’ve got a custom paving service that will transform your property.

Parking Lot Repair Services Tailored to Ohio Businesses

When a commercial parking lot suffers damage, whether from weathering, heavy traffic, or age, our paving contractors step in with a suite of quality repair services. Our dedicated approach involves detailed assessments to identify the most effective methods, ensuring optimal outcomes while keeping costs in check.

Paved Surface Repairs

For durable and rejuvenated parking lots, we offer the following commercial asphalt repair services:

  • Overlays: Revitalizing worn-out surfaces by applying a new asphalt layer, enhancing durability and aesthetics.
  • Resurfacing: Comprehensive surface restoration ensures a smooth and fresh pavement appearance.

Crack Repairs

Combatting pavement cracks effectively, we offer two different types of crack repairs for parking lots:

  • Crack filling: Sealing minor cracks to prevent moisture penetration and further deterioration.
  • Crack sealing: Employing advanced techniques to seal larger cracks, safeguarding against water infiltration and structural issues.

Asphalt Patch Repairs

Paveworks excels in targeted pavement repairs, employing several asphalt patching techniques tailored to address various issues, including:

  • Cold Patching: Our paving contractors use a quality cold asphalt mixture to address immediate repair needs, offering quick fixes for minor damage.
  • Saw Cut and Removal: The precise removal of damaged pavement sections with advanced cutting equipment enables seamless asphalt replacement, ideal for more extensive repairs.
  • Infrared Patching: We seamlessly blend and repair surface imperfections by using innovative infrared technology to heat damaged asphalt.

Drainage Repairs

Effective water flow is vital for maintaining optimal pavement conditions, and our asphalt contractors offer drainage system repairs as part of their comprehensive parking lot repair solutions. We can restore drainage systems through catch basin repair, facilitating efficient water flow and preventing water accumulation, heading off potential surface damage.

Compliance Repairs

Maintaining regulatory standards and ensuring safety measures, Paveworks offers parking lot striping and ADA upgrades. We can enhance safety by creating an efficient traffic flow and welcoming more visitors with accessibility features.

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When you decide to improve your commercial property with our help, you can trust that we’ll fix your pavement problems quickly and efficiently. With a commitment to maximizing value, we prioritize repair techniques that address specific issues without compromising quality or sustainability. Contact us to learn more!

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