Asphalt Milling

Ohio property owners, do you know what the best pavement repair service is for a damaged parking lot or driveway? Asphalt milling is the more cost-effective way of resurfacing an entire paved area without the expense and downtime associated with paving. This crucial asphalt repair process involves the removal of the top layer of deteriorated pavement to restore the surface. This technique creates a smooth, durable foundation for a new surface layer.

But you need an experienced, trusted local asphalt contractor to get it right. In Ohio, Paveworks is the trusted asphalt milling company.

Choose Paveworks for Asphalt Milling Services in Ohio

With years of experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we employ state-of-the-art milling equipment to execute precise and efficient resurfacing projects tailored to local needs. From municipal roadways to commercial parking lots, we’ve rejuvenated miles of paved areas in communities all over Ohio. Here’s how that works.

How Milling & Overlay Improve Pavement

Whether part of driveway resurfacing or parking lot repair, these paving techniques offer several compelling benefits. By eliminating surface irregularities, addressing structural flaws, and creating a smooth base, this process restores functionality while extending the pavement’s lifespan.

What Kinds of Damage Can Be Fixed with Milling and Overlay?
Milling and overlay effectively repair various types of asphalt pavement damage, including cracks, potholes, surface deterioration, and unevenness. These techniques provide a comprehensive solution to restore pavement integrity and aesthetics.

Our Advanced Resurfacing Process

Paveworks employs a meticulous resurfacing process that always begins with an extensive on-site pavement evaluation to identify damaged areas. Discussions with property owners lead to a tailored asphalt repair plan that considers depth, areas to be milled, and overlay requirements.

Preparations involve surface cleaning, and then our skilled technicians use advanced machinery to systematically remove the deteriorated surface layer, grinding to the designated depth. Next, a new layer of asphalt overlay is evenly applied, covering the milled surface with precision. A comprehensive quality assessment follows, examining the newly surfaced area for uniformity, proper adhesion, and adequate thickness. Upon approval, Paveworks concludes the project, leaving behind a structurally sound, smooth, visually appealing paved area. This method ensures superior results and long-lasting pavement solutions for residential and commercial properties across Ohio.

Contact Paveworks today for reliable asphalt milling services! Our team is ready to address your asphalt repair and maintenance needs, ensuring top-quality results and customer satisfaction.


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